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Rwanda Mapping underway November 2017

Historically podoconiosis has been reported in Rwanda, nonetheless the current distribution of the disease and its burden is not clearly known.
As part of the Global Atlas of Podoconiosis work, Dr Kebede Deribe and Prof Gail Davey joined collaborators from the Rwanda Biomedical Centre to train five teams of four data collectors in Musanze, northern Rwanda. Heart and Sole Africa (a local NGO offering care to podo patients) also provided expertise.
Training covered a background on podoconiosis, and practical sessions on smartphone data entry and use of two rapid tests (Wb123 and FTS). Each team consists of a team leader, a Medical Doctor, a nurse, and a laboratory technician. Five teams will start mapping through all 30 districts in Rwanda later this week, and aim to complete mapping within one month.
The results will enable the Rwandan Ministry of Health to prioritise service provision in certain districts. In addition, the result will serve as a baseline to measure the impact of future interventions.

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